Private Equity


The changing economy poses challenge and opportunity to the private equity business model. SBT Consulting provides solid advice that gives the ability to strengthen portfolio companies while identifying and mitigating challenges presented by rapidly changing markets.


Do you find your insurance facilitates the deal?
Does your insurance flow with your business model?


Our experience is based on the multitude of everyday practical business experiences spanning from every type of market scenario. We are equipped with a combination of current market understanding and deep industry knowledge thus for each client engagement we have the ability to establish benchmarks to evaluate insurance transactions and offers from a variety of brokers and insurers.


Our negotiation process is critical in achieving the strategic goals set forth by your company’s management. We advise on how to best respond to industry questions, interpret the value of recommendations and we make certain the proposals set forth are receiving the highest priority at the brokerage and insurance company level.


The proof of our capabilities is in our bottom line results. Our services have consistently helped client companies to achieve insurance premium savings. Further, we consistently deliver a significant ROI to our clients on the consulting fees they pay us.

We offer independent insurance purchasing advice and enhance risk management across portfolios. Whether it be a firm grasp on the current market or an in depth industry knowledge, we have the ability to carefully evaluate insurance offers and transactions from multiple brokers and insurers, delivering a considerable ROI.