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have you had a major loss
are you paying too much for too little
are you unsure you are getting the maximum
are there new insurance products
business changed


SBT Consulting Group is the leading independent risk management firm.

SBT Consulting Group will provide you with the independent insurance advice you require. Our in-depth knowledge and breadth of experience will:

Reduce your costs, reduce your exposure, and save you time!


Policy Marketing

SBT helps you garner the greatest value for your insurance dollar by getting insurers to compete for your business.

Program Administration

SBT keeps your coverages fine tuned and maintains maximum value for your insurance portfolio while freeing you to focus on your business.

Risk Management

SBT will help you maximize your protection by managing and transferring risk as well as streamlining claims reporting and claims management.

Risk Management Audit

An SBT Risk Management Audit will point out areas of deficiencies as well as recommendations for coverage improvements.

Pre Acquisition Due Diligence

Approach acquisition with eyes fully open. SBT will help you fully understand the risk you assume via acquisition, increasing your bargaining power and likelihood of success.

Private Equity

The changing economy poses challenge and opportunity to the private equity business model. SBT Consulting provides solid advice that gives the ability to strengthen portfolio companies while identifying and mitigating challenges presented by rapidly changing markets.


To provide unparalleled insurance risk management strategies tailored to meet your specific and ever-changing exposures.

  • Reduce Insurance Costs
  • Reduce Your Exposure
  • Save Time
  • Independent Insurance Advice

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